At CMI we use a specialised waste management system to control the entire process including skip bookings, driver assignment, incoming waste management and invoicing.

Everything is controlled in a live environment to ensure an efficent service for our customers with detailed anaylsis available at a touch of a button. Combined with our live vehicle tracking system, we can provide a fast point of delivery with immediate updates if requested.

A new feature available to our customers is a fully comprehensive Waste Stream Reporting module. We analyse all waste coming into our faciltiy and record the various types of waste in each container. As a result, we can provide our customers with a detailed breakdown per site address for each day and a site summary in chart form with percentages.

This allows our customers to demonstrate prudence with regard to the export of their waste and a responsible business ethic. Because it is a live online system, we can provide our customers with remote access where the waste streams can be accessed at any time and from any computer in the world.

When a customer logs in they can also see a live report of where all the hired containers are situation including detailed information from the date of order to the size of container.

With ever increasing pressure and regulation from Government and Local bodies such as SEPA, having access to such information with such ease can be very beneficial.

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